Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Big Green Egg

Oh Big Green Egg, how I love the! Let me count the ways....one, two! Seriously I LOVE my Egg. I have been a proud owner for almost six years now. I cook tons on it. Although lately it has been seriously neglected. For those of you that do not know what a Big Green Egg is, let me school you.
A Big Green Egg is a ceramic bbq grill. It cooks your food to perfection and leaves the meat tender and moist. The best part of all is that the charcoal and fire lites are all natural. There are no chemical in them. the Egg is like a big cast iron skillet, in the fact that it absorbs the flavors of the food that you are cooking. The more you cook on the Egg the more it gets seasoned and the more it in turn seasons your food. This grill is so super easy to use and I love it!
Go to www.biggreenegg.com and check it out for yourself! Better yet, find someone who owns one and make them cook for you. Then you will understand my obsession! In the next couple of weeks, I will post a reciped made on the Egg. Amazing!

Have a good evening!
Froggy Mom :)
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