Monday, January 2, 2012


  Hello! My name is Teresa and I am a mother of three and wife.  I also work a full time job and have a photography hobby on the side. I am all about making my life easier. We have a crazy schedule but that doesn't mean I can't make a delicious home cooked meal. I am also an avid frog lover! I have even owned several as pets, weird I know but that is me. Like most of America, I decided to try something new for the new year. Blogging is a great way to share memories with others. So here goes.......
  New Year's Eve here in good ole' Florida was pretty warm. We were outside in light sweaters and jeans celebrating the new year. We watched our neighbors set off fireworks and played with some sparklers.
 The kids had a blast running around the yard with a sparkler in hand trying to write their names in the sky.

I hope everyone had a safe and wonderful New Year's Eve! 

Happy New Year!!!
Froggy Mom
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